Sunday, March 7, 2010

Storage in Progress

Last weekend I wrote about not having much luck finding a specific type of storage container for my beads. This picture shows the storage container that I'm looking for, with the smaller bead containers inside of it. I now have more beads then will fit in here which is why I was looking. (I ended up buying 2 bead storage/travel cases from Rings and Things Monday, which should be here soon).

There are three sizes of bead containers inside the storage bin, as seen in this picture. I've been buying these locally at Joanne's getting some of each size. The largest ones have 4 storage compartments, the medium have 5, and the small have 6. In general I use the smallest (6) for my seed beads, even up to size 6 seed (E) beads will fit depending on the quantity I've purchased. The medium are good for a larger quantity of seed beads along with some of the stone chips and medium beads. I have some 6 and 8mm rounds in these sizes. When buying 10mm beads the large containers work best, especially with a strand of cat's eye beads.

What is nice about these bead containers is the ability to open only the individual compartments for the beads I want to use. This is the large container here, with the pink cat's eye beads open. The other half of the container still has the lid on, which is handy to help avoid bead spills.

What one of the containers looks like with all the individual compartments separated. This is one of the medium containers with some stone chips, 8mm resin rounds, and a few random beads in the bottom one. The lid can be seen in the foreground of this photograph.

Some of the newer style of these containers come with a second lid, so that the stacks can be halved and still sealed. Which can be handy for a smaller storage space.

When I first started putting my beads in this storage system I had less supplies than I do now. I noticed that the Beadalon spools of stringing wire are a slight bit smaller in diameter then the large containers are. With the large containers being a slight bit shorter than the other containers, I could fit 2 spools of Beadalon on top of the large bead container and still close the lid on my storage bin. Though now with my larger supply I actually have my bead stringing wire in recycled plastic soup containers from the local grocery store. The soup containers are just a little wider than the Beadalon spools. I also have some Soft Flex, which those spools fit inside the backs of the Beadalon spools saving me a bit of space.

And this is my "to sort" storage bin. I've been tossing random beads and other craft supplies in here along with some other stuff. This is in addition to various plastic bags of beads and findings I have to store better. There is a finished necklace in this bin, along with a bracelet someone gave me which I need to fix the clasp on. There is also some sea glass and shells. I think the sea glass is store bought, rather than stuff I found. (Somewhere I have some pieces of sea glass I picked up from the shores of Lake Erie).


Dave Robertson said...

Hi Claire,

Thanks for sharing a nice comparison of bead-storage options, this is great info of use to lots of beaders!

:) Dave
at Rings & Things

Claire said...

You're welcome. It was fun to photograph and write about the storage containers.

I did just get my R&T order in today with the Bead Buddy and the Bead Smith storage containers. I'm planning on blogging about my continued organization process.

Lisa Crone said...

Hi there! I seriously applaud your efforts to get organized, wow!! If only I could catch that bug!

Claire said...

Lisa - thanks :) It wasn't to bad since I started using containers when I didn't have to many beads. Now that my beads have outgrown that one storage bin I'm debating what criteria to use for which ones get put into the new cases.

MakinTheBestOfIt said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has one of those "random" bins. You've inspired me to start sorting it out this weekend!

Claire said...

Random bins are useful, sometimes it's hard to figure out where to put something right away (or having to much stuff). I also have a "to sort" folder or two on my home pc with files to figure out where best to move them to.