Monday, June 21, 2010

More bracelets

In my more recent online ordering I bought more Soft Flex beading wire. I picked out another trio and a few single spools. For these bracelets I used seed beads, and crystals. The large seed beads are size 6 while the small ones are 8. The funny thing is, some of my 8s have bigger holes than other 8s. For some of my beads it was snug getting the two strands through an 8 while others there was enough space for another strand.

Anyways, here is what I made having fun with a loop pattern to show off the color combination of the beads and stringing wire. The translucent matte seed beads make me think of those "jelly" shoes / sandals that used to be popular when I was younger.

Warm summer nights:


Spring Blossoms: (bracelet, and earrings)



This is the first one of these loop designs I tried out, and I hadn't used enough Soft Flex. Instead of restringing it and having a random piece of wire, I decided to work the design differently. This is a fun piece to wear with the loopy crystals and the contrasting seed bead strands.
The crystals on this one are Swarovski, 6mm bicone. I also used copper bicone beads from Rings and Things in this bracelet.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Quick post of quick posting, I mostly wanted to show off some more recent bracelets I made (about a month ago). I still have to photograph my most recent stuff (really fun strung bead floating bracelets).

I used Flickr for the images - so click the thumbnails to go to the Flickr item pages, and the "all sizes" icon to see the largest view.

Bracelet 1 - Soft Flex, with crystals and cats eye beads:
Blue Bracelet.
I doubled the stringing wire to get that design. I'd originally wanted to use all crystals, but the ones I have on hand wouldn't fit 2 strands of the wire through. But I like the look of the cats eye with the crystals.

Bracelet 2 - Chainmaille stretch
Japanese 6 in 1 Maille
For this bracelet I used a Japanese 6 in one design, the smaller rings being rubber. The rubber rings are small, but they have enough stretch so this bracelet doesn't need a clasp. This bracelet is one continuous piece of weave, which kind of shows up in the photograph. It gets a bit tricky to join the ends together since only the larger rings can be opened.