Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Quick post of quick posting, I mostly wanted to show off some more recent bracelets I made (about a month ago). I still have to photograph my most recent stuff (really fun strung bead floating bracelets).

I used Flickr for the images - so click the thumbnails to go to the Flickr item pages, and the "all sizes" icon to see the largest view.

Bracelet 1 - Soft Flex, with crystals and cats eye beads:
Blue Bracelet.
I doubled the stringing wire to get that design. I'd originally wanted to use all crystals, but the ones I have on hand wouldn't fit 2 strands of the wire through. But I like the look of the cats eye with the crystals.

Bracelet 2 - Chainmaille stretch
Japanese 6 in 1 Maille
For this bracelet I used a Japanese 6 in one design, the smaller rings being rubber. The rubber rings are small, but they have enough stretch so this bracelet doesn't need a clasp. This bracelet is one continuous piece of weave, which kind of shows up in the photograph. It gets a bit tricky to join the ends together since only the larger rings can be opened.

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