Thursday, October 7, 2010

Metal Stamping

This metal stamping kit over at Rings &Things is something I'm very tempted to buy. In fact it's currently sitting in my saved shopping cart, along with some stamping blanks, and sheets of metal. So of course by the time I added that along with a few other things I'm now debating about what I should buy based on the cart total. Maybe I'll take some of the blanks out, or hold off on the wire. (I really need to start selling my jewelry to help out with the bead budget - once I'm set to submit all the stuff to the state so I can charge sales tax and all that other good stuff.)

Either way the kit itself isn't that expensive, and contains just about anything one would need to get started metal stamping. Only the sheets of metal and or the stamping blanks are needed. Well, and some oxidizer if one would want to increase the contrast in a stamped piece.

I'll have to post on what I end up deciding. It would be fun to blog about learning in progress of something new like this. Or resin casting. I'm also tempted by the Resin Kit. Though I'm not sure what fumes might be involved with resin. Warm summer open window weather would be a good time to try out the resin kit.

So what new tools/techniques are anyone else thinking about trying out? Yes, I'd like this post to be more then a bunch of links to things I'm deciding on buying. Plus it's always interesting to see what others are thinking of trying.

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