Monday, January 2, 2012

New Necklace and News

I made this necklace back in November, as a thank you gift for my baby shower host. Yes, that's the news I'm expecting my first child. I'm due in February and it has been a whirlwind of a time getting everything ready.

I had to dig through my picture folders to find the images, but here is the necklace. I've got a shot of the full design along with an up close detail shot of the pendant.

I created the copper spirals by twisting square wire with my pin vise before making the spirals. The two on the necklace are stand alone while the one against the stone is part of the wire going through the stone. The wire is 21 gauge which I picked up at my local bead store along with the stone. The crystals, clasp, and fiber optic beads I purchased from Rings and Things. The silver colored bugle beads I bought from Artbeads awhile back. I do have copper beads from Rings and Things, but I felt they would have hidden the spirals. This way the spirals stand out more.

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