Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Working something out

Awhile back I purchased a glass locket pendant from Rings and Things. When I had ordered it I had in mind making polymer clay discs to place in it (which I still might try). But when it came I had fun picking through my bead stash and trying out different things inside it.

The large pink bead is a 10mm glass fiber optic 'cat's eye'. Because that bead is larger than most of the locket, it floats in the center section where the glass is curved out. I think it lends for a neat effect.

I also have some seed beads in there. While they add some interest I don't think I will keep them in there. See, the locket opens, and it's easy enough for these to fall out being as small as they are. I've already picked them up once or twice while playing with the pendant.

So yes, short post is short, but I wanted to show a little work in progress.


Dave Robertson said...

Fun stuff, Claire! Play with the locket until you find the best stuff to show off in it -- Just make sure you share your cool results with everyone ;)

at Rings & Things

Chatty Cat's said...

How creative, Claire! It reminds me of the popular mustard seed inside the glass pendants of the 60's! Nice job!

Claire Goverts said...

Dave - Thanks. I'm still leaning towards making some poly clay discs. Though some of my clay is drying out and becoming crumbly, so I may have to see what I can buy to make the clay more workable. (Or buy different/more clay).

Cat - Thanks. I was trying out different size/shaped beads inside the locket, and that 10mm pink bead just happened to be the right size to float like that.