Thursday, March 10, 2011

Work in Progress

I had tried to post this last night via my Droid, but Blogger was giving me issues. So I'm using the web to share this. I had managed to upload it to Flickr, but couldn't copy/paste the html. I had also tried the Blogger image upload. Blogger let me upload the image, but then it wouldn't let me click the button to insert it into the post.

Anyways, here is the necklace I was working on last night: The colors are a bit weird thanks to the flash on my cell phone.


Materials wise I used the Walking on Sunshine crystal mix, wooden beads from my grandmother-in-law, 6 mm Czech glass rounds, and a plated aspen leaf pendant. For the clasp I used the art deco leaf toggle clasp. Because the clasp was so pretty I didn't want to have it hidden behind my hair. Instead I decided to try making a necklace with an off-center clasp.

Overall I'm really happy with how this came out. At first I was thinking of having more crystals in the design then I decided that doing something more earthy would work better with the leaf. Luckily I had the wooden beads on hand and used them. I did also use some glass beads for interest along with the crystals, but the main focus for the strung part is the wood. I absolutely adore the pendant, I'm so glad I decided to buy it. It's so delicate yet bold at the same time, all those little leaf veins are almost lace like.

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