Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting Ready for 2010

2010 has been on my mind a lot over this month. Part of it is what I want to set for my writing goals, but part of it is also what I want to do with my jewelry as well next year. There are new techniques I would love to learn, mostly working with resin and some basic metal working. It would be fun to cut shapes out of sheets of metal and do hammer and other finishes on it. I would like to learn how to make glass beads, but that's for another year's goals :).

Art wise, for 2010 I think I'm going to start out by organizing my supplies better. I keep my beads in round containers that stack on each other (Darice brand), and I keep all those containers in a Sterilite storage bin. The bead containers take up the whole bin, so I think I may have to bite the bullet and buy a second one, and more of the smaller containers. I have way to many beads in the little plastic baggies they came in from ordering online. (The nice thing about the round stacking containers is that only the beads I want to use are open, not everything in the same container).

Thumbnails of quick photographs of my bead storage containers. The nice thing about the Sterilite bin is that it's just a little bit taller than the Darice containers. And it also has one central handle on the lid for ease of carrying, as opposed to a Rubbermaid bin I have that has handles on the sides. The papers in with the beads are the baggie product labels. I usually cut them off the baggie then set it in with the beads. Makes it easier to order. (These pictures were taken back over the summer, and that's only my beads, not my components and Swarovski elements).

I'm also thinking of opening an online shop for my jewelery. Part of me isn't sure if I want the hassle of it, but I end up making more jewelery than I can wear. Before I do start selling I want to make sure to go over all the tax forms I'd need, so that I have that set first.


Joan said...

May I encourage you to sell, and may I share my experience. When I started selling about 2 years ago, I went online (Etsy) and did local craftshows. I always sold well at the craftshows, but online was almost a complete bomb. I'm finding that online is a lot more work than just listing: you need to bring customers to your site, which means blogging, tweeting, etc. And I still do far better in person than online. Good luck to you, and persevere! - / LTD Beads

Claire said...

Sure, thank you :). I am interested in selling, if only because I end up making more jewelry than I can wear. I already blog and tweet, though I'm trying to do so more often. Part of it is getting around to photographing my work.