Saturday, December 12, 2009

Green Wire Coil Necklace

Here is the necklace I made earlier this week. I'm happy with how the necklace turned out, and the pictures as well. The family room was nice and sunny, and I set the necklace out of the direct sun for the better photos. When it was in the sun, the shadows from the coil covered up the center of the pendant.

The image of the whole necklace is to the left, click on it for a larger version. The pictures are taken on my bead board, the numbers are for inches, with smaller "hash" lines for half inches.

Here is a picture of the necklace chain (again click the image for a larger version). I had fun making the various little segments then connecting them with the jump rings. Because the necklace is lighter weight, and I'm using 20 gauge wire, I did simple loops at the end of the segments instead of wrapped loops.

For the end of the necklace I used a silver plated clasp, and also put together an extender chain out of the jump rings. This way the necklace length can vary a bit. Whenever I make a little chain extender, I like to have something on the end, so that the clasp doesn't slide if goes around the rings instead of hooking onto one. With the ring size and the clasp, this probably won't happen with this necklace, but it still adds a nice touch. For the end of the chain I coiled my copper wire, strung a 6mm Czech glass bead, and looped the end.

For the coil pendant and the beaded segments in the chain I used 20 gauge copper wire. I bought it from my local bead store, and it has an anti-tarnish finish on it. The seed beads I used are Toho brand, which I purchased online from, I like that brand of beads, they are nice and even sized. When I made a similar necklace to this with random seed beads it took forever to string the beads on the wire. Because the size 8 beads just fit, any random smaller bead that gets stuck I have to set aside and grab another bead. But I didn't have that issue with the Toho beads. The bigger teal/blue beads on the chain are also Toho, but size 6. I also included some 6mm Czech glass rounds on the chain. The rings are from my local bead store, size D20EC 20 gauge with an AR of 4.0. I also used a few Swarovski Elements, bicone Erinite color 4 and 6mm.

To make the coil I used my coiling gizmo, which is sold various places. I strung the beads on the wire, then used the gizmo to make the coil, which I then shaped into the pendant. If anyone does want to try making something like this, be very careful when coiling beaded wire. As the wire turns the beads will slide slightly apart from each other. The first time I made one of these (this being the second), I put to much tension on the beads to keep them coiling, and one broke, the pieces flying away from the wire. Though the beads do need to be pushed a bit towards the coiling gizmo, otherwise only the wire will go around the shaft leaving bare spots.

The coiling gizmo, chain nosed pliers (times 2 - for the jump rings), round nose pliers, flush cutters, nylon jaw pliers. I do make my wire spirals by hand, starting the turn with my round nose pliers, then pinching the half turn closed with chain nosed. I do a few turns with the chain nose, then switch over to the nylon jaw pliers.

Yes, I had help with the picture taking process. Toby, one of our cats, followed me into the family room and was sitting on the furniture while I was taking pictures. Here he is taking a closer look at the necklace.

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